Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Shirt Quilt number 2

Still had lots of pieces of shirt fabric left from quilt number 1 
So I decided to make another, this time to save on time I cut all the pieces the same size 15 cm square but made it up in 3x3 block squares, the same as quilt number 1, adding the fleece backing and quilting as I went along before joining up all the pieces.

I was aiming to have this complete to take with us on out summer caravan holiday to North Wales but the backing fabric I had bought in haste a few days before our departure proved to be unsuitable and the project had to be set aside until the right fabric for the job had been found.

On a trip to the local Sunday market in Pewhelli the day after we arrived in Wales we cam across a fab fabric stall with a lovely selection of designer prints on offer and there was the perfect fabric. 

it was a perfect weight and thickness to do the job. 
We take quilts away in the caravan as they are great for snuggling under and for padding out the seat cushions under the sheets when making up the beds.

This one is for my husband Kevin.

so now I must get back to finishing Charlottes memory quilt.


TwinkleToes2day said...

You work fast Yvonne and it is always attractive to look at. The backing fabric is so unsual, it's all so cool!! ((hugs)) xox

sally said...

Love your backing fabric!



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