Wednesday 2 March 2016

New Year and New Things

Studio Changes
2015/16 saw a lot of changes in my little Boxoftrix studio.
  It has taken a lot of thought of how I use my little studio and what areas were not really working 
I started almost a year ago, but its done now and it just feels so much more spacious!

My sewing machine is perfect in this corner with the light pouring in from the front and side windows. The new shelving units with fabric drawers provide great fabric storage and additional work surface that gets a lot of light for my little ironing board.

Fabrics sorted 

More units on the back wall and a shelving rack in the corner
 for my jewellery making equipment, next to my workbench.

and can comfortably share my angle-poised lamp with both work spaces.
 I'm sitting in the middle of the studio now, with everything to hand, it's such a lovely place to be again...... :)

 April's dolls house is back in it's original position by the door,

I kept one of the basket drawer units for threads and haberdashery, its handy with the castors on.


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