Wednesday 22 August 2012

Tag Tuesdays ~ Rock-pools & Sea Birds

Rock-pools & Beach Finds ~ July 24th

I kept things simple with this one.
Watercolour background tag, highlighted with iridescent glitter and sequins
I added little pebbles
collected while on holiday on South Coast of England.
Tie: A hand dyed acrylic hollow yarn

Sea Birds ~ July 17th

Again a simple painted watercolour background tag
featuring seagulls in flight 
and a seagull feather collected on one of our bike rides to the park
Tie: Silver grey satin ribbon.
I wanted to add some words to this tag, which I hope to do when my printer stops playing up.
A quote from Jonathan Livingston Seagull ~ Richard Bach
'His feathers glowed brilliant white now, 
and his wings were smooth and perfect as sheets of polished silver'

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Tag Tuesday Casinos and Bingo

I made this tag today ready to post on Tag Tuesday,  but I got mixed up with the theme for the 7th August, so Im playing catch up tonight with a few tags that I have made so far to get all my themes up to date.

Casinos and Bingo ~7th August

I had a different idea in mind when I started to make this tag but as I was looking around my little studio, gathering things, I found myself singing one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs 
Lilly, Rosemary & The Jack of Hearts
I realised this was it it made sense and I fished out the perfect background tag cut from another birthday card with lovely high heel shoes

 and the little Lego gun, the mini playing cards are from Christmas cracker.
It's a great song I still like to listen to and can do again now that I have my record deck.
 I hope my tag depicts some idea of the story, which is too long to write down here but you can read them here Lily,Rosemary & The Jack of Hearts

Yvonne x

Monday 20 August 2012

Late Tag Tuesday & Bumpy Car

Cinema Celebration

This little stamp from my collection inspired my tag for this week. Issued April 1996 in celebration of 100yrs of going to the movies
I found that the neon pink and green lighting  on the cinema outline was good colour match for this tag cut from an old birthday card featuring a cocktail glass.
 I just added a little bit of bling and sparkle! and a black & white ribbon tie 
I'll be playing catch up on my blog with the tags I missed as I didn't want to spoil the run of the themeson Tag Tuesday
I hope to keep up to date in future challenges, more tags to follow shortly!

Bumpy Car!

I had a nasty bump with my car,

(you may have noticed this in the picture taken at the camp-site last week ) I reversed into a poor unsuspecting parked Coupe in the layby next to our house and had to leave a note and wait 3 hrs for the owner to come knocking on the door.
Fortunatley for me he was a nice young man who was surprised we had left the note and thanked us about 4 times. Both cars are now being repaired.
I am now driving about in something resembling a craft punch!
I'm not complaining, it has 4 doors and gets me from A-B. 
Charlotte has called it Bumpy Car.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Getting there!

We grabbed another weekend....well 4 days actually! away in the caravan
  Stirling - Witches Craig Caravan park
We arrived Friday night and stayed till Tuesday morning
We so lucked in with the weather and had a lovely time. 

there are lovely views of the hills on this camp site

and Harry and Dylan had to climb them
they are up there somewhere in this pic.

This is my neice Adele and her little boy Cody, having some fun on my bike,
it's a great picture of them both, hard to believe that only a year ago she was fighting for her life in the operating theatre with a splenic aneurysm only 4 days after having Cody. Her survival is a miracle and how lucky her little one was that he was born before it ruptured. They both look so healthy and happy and Cody took his first steps at the weekend too!
On Saturday we went to theirs,  in Bridge of Allan
 for her little boy Dakota's birthday party.

Charlotte had a ball, on the boys new trampoline
and bounced all day (forgot to get a pic)....I don't know where she gets all her energy!

This is Dakota, for his present I made him bunting,

I was thinking today that he is the last child in the family to get it!
 Im all up to date:) so some things are getting done around here!

We also celebrated Harry's Birthday

I cant believe he's 15 already! and Im so proud he got his first exam result back this week and scored a grade 'A' in his Int 1 Media Studies...Well done Harry! :)

Charlotte started Nursery today she was so excited about going and couldn't wait to get in!
This is her sitting waiting for the door to open
I was excited for her, I knew she would love it, tonight she went to bed thinking about what she was going to play with there tomorrow. 
I enjoyed the 2 hrs in my studio and I'm now working on tags and catching up which is good.
When they are all done and Im back to making them for the Tuesday I'll be happy :)

Wow this has turned into a long post!


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