Sunday 29 July 2012

The letter C

Birthday gift for my sister
I bought this realistic driftwood effect letter C
and had a little fun with it
mini bunting
& beach treasure

Tuesday 24 July 2012


its all been a bit overwhelming, 
the last week, 
changes, mixed feelings, tiredness and uncertainty
 have all played a part
 there's been little energy for creating
inspiration is passing me by, none of it sinking in
Two Tag Tuesdays have came and went .....
I have failed in my personal challenge to keep on track, 
Oh I know it's nothing in the grand scheme of things but .....
I wish it would all pass and I could get back to 
fabric, buttons, shells, paint, string, paper, glue,

normal service should resume quite soon .... I hope

Sunday 22 July 2012

Little trip to Oban

Looks like we are in for some nicer weather this week, hopefully it will be more like the lovely sunny kind we had in Oban last week.
We got a great spot at our favourite campsite Roseview

it wasn't long before the sun came out

and we were making the most of it!

situated just across from the park

handy for keeping an eye on C

while enjoying a glass of wine after dinner
a couple of times we cycled the two miles into town
 watched the boats in the harbour
and took a walk round to the ferry port
 to see the cars going onto the big boats
as well as some other means of transport.
We also took a walk 

 to the nearby Puffin Divers centre 

walked along the waters edge
collected some scallop shells for the garden

and admired this big old boat which sits just outside a little visitors centre

inside was a wall of cabinets displaying sea treasure found by divers

mainly from the SS Breda
which had some cargo on board when it went down.

Three rolls of wrappers the one on top says Kenya toffee

gas mask ~ eerie!

the little red boxes are Coty Rouge

love these sweet little flowers growing along the walls I snapped on the walk back home

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Swimming & Flooding

We just got back on Sunday from a week away on in our little caravan to Oban 
The day we left Fife was wet and cold and the flooding at the corner of our road threatened to keep us at home (not being able to tow the caravan through it) however it did drain by 2pm in the afternoon and we quickly got away!
The weather in Oban was beautiful sunny and warm and we enjoyed a lovely week 

Tag Tuesday ~ Swimming

 I did actually make my tag on time for Tuesday, but as we were away for a week in our caravan I had trouble trying to post it using my phone,
 so I gave up and decided to wait until I got back home.
 I did not in the end have time to pack any ideas with me for the swimming theme but not giving up I cut out a tag shape from the cardboard back from a packet of biscuits and searched through the available leaflets and magazines on site. I cut out some of beautiful sites found in this part of Scotland, the lovely little painted cottages and houses by the lochs and glens and in the centre I featured another cut out of the famous 'Corryvreckan Whirlpool '

I cut out some swimming costumes from some of the lovely flowers and greenery,
 thinking that the whirlpool was the last place I would like to find myself swimming!
I did have some embroidery threads with me and chose the colours of the lovely heathers that are now starting to appear among the rocks in the hills all around.


Today saw lots more rain and flooding in Rosyth, the problems arise when the river round the corner overflows and the tide is in  on the Forth estuary.

 This is the only access road to our street, we have had to park our car a few streets away.
The fence on the right is the entrance to the first house in our estate which has sandbags on their step the water level is at the top of the step. their garden is 11 inches under water!
the red building beyond is the scout hut which the territorials use it has three or four step up to it, they are now underwater. The white building in the distance is the school which is flooded also. 

 this is the walkway round the other side showing the back of the scout hut
the walkway normally looks like this,

 and behind me, this is where it ends just before the park which is right next to our house.
hopefully tomorrow it will have cleared with the tide going out allowing it to drain away but Charlotte enjoyed jumping up and down in the puddles in her new peppa pig wellies :)

Friday 6 July 2012

Proud Moment!

This is my Son David, he graduated yesterday
with a First Class Honours Degree 
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing and Networks
and finished top of his class
He put in a lot of hours and research into his honours project for University
and I'm proud to say, it made news!
you can  read about it here:
The University of Abertay
His project has been getting lots of Internet attention which you can read about here:
Dundee Channel
The Courier
even Holyrood gave it a heads up!
He's got himself an internship for the summer working for SKS Scotland 
doing research and development to help the work flow of the IT systems there.
I'm so happy, he has worked hard and achieved so much!
Well done David

We are all very proud of you!

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Seaside Beach Hut

Tag Tuesday again! and the theme this week is 'Seaside'
I couldn't resist using this lovely picture that I saved from a greeting card,
it's such a lovely tranquil scene.
 The original picture was much bigger than this 
so I cut round a clothing tag to get a nice shape
added little shells, flowers, beads and dragonfly embellishments.
I also retrieved the sun from the other part of the card 
and added it in with a little bit of fluffy cloud and glitter for some summer sparkle:)

Monday 2 July 2012

Bunting for Cody

For special little boy 
who celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday
bunting with a nautical theme 

Happy Birthday Cody!


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