Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Little Rose Bowl

Once you have got the crochet bug there is no turning back...or even stopping for that matter!
I've been hooked from the word go and have enjoyed browsing the various blogs, and websites in search of fun projects,  new stitches and techniques. 
A little Rose Bowl for my Aunt Margaret's 90th Birthday
A little vase of flowers I made using the pattern for the roses

 From a little book Kevin's mum gave me.
 the heads were glued to bamboo skewers,
I added the leaves and wrapped the green yarn ends
 round the skewers
I added a circle of crocheted earth to complete the look
I picked up the little pot from the Charity shop ...wish I had 10 more!
if someone knows where I can buy them please do let me know !

this was so much fun to make.
I made this as a gift for my Aunt Margaret it was her 90th birthday on the 25th August
She loved it !

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