Wednesday 10 December 2014

Winter Hearts & Snowmen

Been stitching away .....
 On these new Winter Hearts
Winter colours, blues, cool greens, lilac and purples
stitched and embellished with crystals, pearls
and vintage diamante settings
 and iridescent glass seed beads 
Pendants & Brooch pins
all unique ..... 
A little bit of Winter Sparkle!!
See them here > Boxoftrix
some of these have sold already at recent craft fairs !

Also stitched some more little snowmen,
 they seem to be popular too !

Monday 24 November 2014

Christmas Hearts

New Christmas Hearts 

In reds and greens

Silk layers with pearls and crystals


 brooch Pins
Now available @ Boxoftrix 

Pendants < click here

Brooch Pins < click here

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!
let it Snow.....
Little Snowman Pins
Who could resist these cute little guys......
Made of  white wool blanket and white embroidered cotton fabric
 Hand stitched and embellished with little buttons, crystals
and tiny stitches.
Each one Unique and individual.
Waiting to brighten up and add a little winter sparkle to your day!
or perhaps someones stocking ;)
available now 

Monday 17 November 2014

Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree

Embellished with Crystals

glass seed beads .....

Pearls and stitch
Little pins to wear and give this festive season,
Unique and sparkly little stocking fillers
available now
@ Boxoftrix

Sunday 16 November 2014

Goings on at the 'Hoot n cat'!

Last Sunday I was pleased to making my way back down to Kelso
 for another Boxoftrix 'Inchie' workshop   
This time the hosts were Susan (left) and her daughter Russett (middle) and Aimee
Susan is the owner of The Hoot & Cat the workshop was a fun get together day for some of the staff. The cafe was an ideal setting with lots of space and of course we sampled some delicious food for lunch and also some very tempting traybakes after with a Latte..... spoiled indeed!
 my sister Claire and Susan stitching away
and enjoying the day
framing up, getting the position right!
 happy with their finished pieces

Russett & Susan

It was dark by the time everyone had got their inchies framed up so it's not a very clear picture, these early dark nights in Scotland don't help my photography at all!
 but don't these look good enough to eat!

A delightful place you most definitely must visit if you are ever n Kelso. Situated in the Knows it's very popular with the locals as well as visitors to the town, not surprising as the food is delicious and plentiful, Charlotte and I popped in for lunch again on Thursday while visiting my Claire, I had a chicken tikka Panini and it was so delicious and filling I couldn't finish it! I had no room to sample a tasty treat from the tray bake and cake selection, but there is always next time ;)..... it was the ideal stop off on our way to the garden centre.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Crochet curtain motives

 Two more motives to share ..

My little pile is growing at a very slow pace,
 but it was never going to be a quick project working with such intricate patterns.
'Motive snowflake'
from 'hook yarn and crochet'
I liked this one so much I did two!

'Round snowflake' from the same book.

Christmas 'Inchie' workshop in Kelso

Once again the ladies in Kelso gathered for another fun filled Inchie workshop, 
and here they are......all contentedly stitching away....
Elaine played host this time in her lovely home ..... 

The ladies who did the workshop last time wanted to make Christmas Inchies
......there were some new faces too!
these young ladies chose to do lovely pastel themed ones
 which were very pretty!

with more than a few giggles too!
I do enjoy meeting up with these girls they are such good fun.
Elaine (in the coral top) planned a fabulous lunch.
Her lovely friend Kate (right of Elaine) came along and helped her serve to us all, 
she then joined in the fun helping out with little bits here and there joined in the chat.
It was a fabulous day they all worked hard to get the edges on their Inchies stitched so they could get them framed up before leaving..... most managed this ....again I was very impressed!

It's always so hectic at the end of the day!...never time to take pictures of the finished pictures but here are some pictures taken by some of the girls of their own work.
Elaine's 'Christmas' 

Jane's 'Pink Hearts and Flowers' 

Joanna's 'Pastel Pinks and Greens'

Claire's 'Christmas' 

Jude's 'Christmas'

Nicola's 'Christmas'

Jill's 'Christmas'
Angie's 'Christmas'
 a shot of Elaine's lovely kitchen display, 

you might also spot a little 'Holly' mouse in her new home :)

If you would like to host an Inchie workshop please contact me for more details.

Thursday 30 October 2014

I'm Dreaming .......

...of a white Christmas 
......just like the ones I used to know....
 ... where the tree tops glisten! ....
  .....and children hear
 sleigh bells in the snow....
couldn't resist singing ..... :)
'White Christmas' for sale @ Boxoftrix

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Thread sorting

My thread boxes were so mixed up it had become difficult to find the right thread at a glance! My system needed rearranging big time. So yesterday I spent the best part of 4 hrs doing just that. 

 I also replaced the rest of the card bobbins with plastic ones. 

Job done!
I always pack way to much stuff to workshops, 
I'm big 'just in case' person and it needs to change.
Next are all my beads and embellishments the jars look great on my studio shelves but having to pack them all into a big trolly bag is time consuming and its heavy! I have ordered new storage ...looking forward to sorting this out too!


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