Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Catchup! with a cushion

Yep it's been way too long!
Kinda lost my way with my blog for a bit,  technology doesn't agree with me and I encountered  some problems that I couldn't resolve on my own. It all started when I got a new smart phone, spending more time on the Internet through that instead of my laptop, I encountered some problems I didn't know how to deal with. A huge chunk of images from early posts on my blog did a disappearing act on me and I felt quite deflated  by it all. However Kevin to the rescue as always, he spent some time figuring out the problem and put it to rights...tada! my images are back....seems when you join Google plus anything that was saved in your Picasa folder gets set to private and if you don't know this its a mystery!

So that explained I can show you how that new project I posted about last is finished and in our caravan

Then I made another one ......
 slightly different colours

 all green back

......I'm hooked!
more pictures soon,
 just need to sort through them all
 I have been so busy this summer with my new found craft,
 wish I had learnt years ago!


Unknown said...

Lovely to see you are back! The cushion is fabulous.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thanks Louise its nice to be back ! Thanks goodness all the issues are sorted. ... still clearing out my excessive hoard of pictures!


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