Tuesday 28 May 2013

Tag Tuesday after a busy weekend!


'Up & Down Buttonhole Stitch
The thread is 'Spring Garden' by Chameleon threads

Not a lot of stitches beginning with 'U' so only one stitch to note here and I got a little pen mark on the fabric which is unfortunate, silly me!

Now to start thinking about my 'V' tag now, another difficult one!
Not many letters left.


We left at 5am on Friday morning with our little Monza feeling a little bit sad.
Having met with her new owner at a Service station halfway to make the changeover in Darlington, she headed off down south to Cambridgeshire. The weather was a bit rough over the Pennines especially, it was so windy and our poor little Monza was put through her paces.

On the way back we stopped off at Alnwick as the weather brightened up browsed round the Antique and charity shops. We also visited the the fabulous 'Barter Books' store housed in the old Alnwick train station, what an amazing place! with freshly brewed coffee on offer all the time next to the blazing log fire, the children's book section was a most welcome place for Charlotte and we sat and drank our coffee while she buzzed around on a Wheelie Bug :)
Sunday was my Birthday I began the day with a trip along to the local car boot sale with David there were lots of little bargains to be had and I was tempted by a few well it was my birthday!
 I will take some pics and post tomorrow. 

 I was fortunate to be able to spend the rest of the day with quite a few members of my family who decided to visit, it was a lovely sunny day if a little breezy, everyone enjoyed seeing our new caravan and the boys got together for a game of football in the park next to our house.
Chinese take-away for dinner,  it was delicious and I got some lovely presents and flowers and birthday cake! all a real treat thanks to everyone for making it special :)
Y xx

Wednesday 22 May 2013

T is for Tag Tuesday

and Tree (and yes I'm a day late!)

 In Trellis stitch (trunk)
and Threaded Back stitch (branches)
For Tag Tuesday < bit late I know but I have been quite busy this week, with our little caravan that we have been renovating and restyling for the past two years getting her ready to sell and then it all went so fast when we put her up for auction!
So I've been a bit pre-occupied all week adding finishing touches and a bit sad today too sniff ;(
We never intended selling it when we bought it, if you have read my blog regularly you will know this but I guess we cant keep two. She leaves on Friday to go to her new home. Her new family are so excited, I know they will look after her and have lots of nice holidays in her and that's the happy thought I'm keeping in my head :)

Tuesday 21 May 2013


Our lovely little Monza 

is now sold and going to a new family in Cambridgeshire.
Hopefully she will enjoy many more holidays in the sun :)

Well we have had her for 2 years now and apart from the fact that harry keeps growing taller and Charlotte is not the best person to share sleeping space with, even though they had their own sleeping bags! They really needed separate bunks. We wanted to go caravaning more often and in the less sunny months too, Scotland doesn't have the longest of summers :/ 
So we bought a newer caravan

and have already enjoyed a little weekend away in her
shes great and all you could ask for in a tourer.

We also realised that we would not go away in our little Monza again and she would sit on the drive. That seemed a shame as we put so much time effort and love into her that she really deserved to be used, we knew someone would see her want her and love her as much as we do, and we were right.
within two hours of her going up for auction we had sold her.

We will miss her, but we are happy that she will get used

 for many more years......

Monday 20 May 2013

Travel bunting and coasters

to match the cushions ........
New table in place 

and shes almost ready to go........

Tuesday 14 May 2013

S is for ....


 in Satin stitch (petals and leaf)
Stem stitch (stem)
and Shisha stitch (holding the mirror in place)
 a little Straight stitch all around the edge to finish.

I used two of my little brass stencils to mark the flower head and leaf shapes onto the fabric.

Friday 10 May 2013

Change is afoot

It's been a very busy time here with lots of changes going on, which means lots of work and not much blogging, however there has been a little bit of creative activity ..... here's a little peek....

yep I've been at it again..... another stamp decoupaged caravan table ... :)
I love doing these....perhaps I should offer it as a service!
perhaps a little crazy of me but we managed to track down another table exactly the same as the one on our little Monza not far from us.
Its finished now :)

next there was cushions to be made
from some lovely vintage curtains I found in the charity shop.
The colour was a perfect match for the caravan seat covers.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

R is for

Ring !

..... in Raised Chain Band (band)
Ribbed Wheel Filling (stone)

Rope stitch (setting)


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