Tuesday 25 June 2013

Y is for ....

Yvonne of course!

meaning 'Yew Wood '

the tree branches are worked in 'Y' stitch then I added little glass beads for berries
I had a fun doing a search of the name and the meaning of it.
There has always been differing opinions on the origin of the name 'Yvonne'
My French teacher insisted it was French, my Mother has always said it is an Irish name but on searching the Internet is seems that it is an Old German name the female version of 'Yvon' or 'Ivon'
meaning in German 'Yew wood' or 'Archer' Yew wood was used in England and Wales to make an early weapon called a Longbow.  

Tuesday 18 June 2013

X is for .....

X - Stitch
as there are no stitches that begin with the letter X I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to display this little miniature cross stitch that I worked while doing a lot of miniature embroideries.
Worked on 28 count Brittney even weave fabric (14 stitches per inch)
As you have probably read before its not my favourite form of embroidery, 
I can't seem to get my head around how it's worked and I'm not good at following the patterns :/
I really did wing my way through this one.

Still its nice that I get to use it on one of my tags :)
Almost at the end of these now,
just as well as I have a feeling my new project is going to keep my busy !

Monday 17 June 2013

Yes we are...totally mad!

I know that's what you will be thinking.....
a new project :)
 a bit of a challenge, 
a little lighter in weight than our last little Monza ,
 but the same shape and layout
retro to some but totally not my colours
and in need of a huge bit of TLC
I think it was on the drive a couple of hours and already carpet 
and curtains were out .....well they were awful!
I set to work today removing the matching re-covers and the fitted covers 

from all the seats and back rests.

It's looking brighter and smelling much better in there now :)

Friday 14 June 2013

Three little sea~side pictures

A little bit of sewing and stitching ....... and a new book

I have had the idea of these little pictures on my to do list for a while, I've got a few of these little wooden hoops and I wanted to make something with them. 

Then just a couple of days ago, inspired by a new book,

I first read about it on Annes blog then when I opened this months issue of Homemaker and read some more about it, I couldnt resist, I popped over to Amazon to see if I could get it there with my birthday gift voucher from David,  it was available. When it arrived, I wasnt dissapointed, it' a beautiful book.
My little hoops were given a quick wash of watercolor paint and hung out to dry on the line before using them to frame my finished pictures.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Quick getaway!

What fab weather we are having at the moment!
 we managed to get away for the weekend in our lovely new caravan,
 just up the coast to 'Shell Bay' in Elie.
Absolutely beautiful beach to walk along there

and the campsite was nice too,
the fabulous on site 'Robinson Crusoe Adventure Park' was awarded runner up in the best visitor attraction in Fife as partof Kingdom FMs local Hero awards 2012,
 Charlotte had great fun!
It was a short drive for us, less than an hour,
 it was so beautiful, 
definitely one to visit again!

W is for ...

What other than 
The web is worked in 'Whipped Stem' 
There are many stitches that can be 'Whipped' it simply means wrapped with another thread in this case the web was worked in a simple black stem stitch then whipped with silver thread.

Little 'Webster' the spider was created from two different stitches
 a 'Woven Spiders Wheel' for the body 
and a 'Wheatear' stitch for the head.

Tuesday 4 June 2013

V is for

in Vandyke stitch

A simple tag decoration this week as there was only one stitch but such a beautiful stitch to do, 
The vase shape was cut from pink silk and the stitch then worked over the top.

 I like the raised effect it creates, its very tactile.
I have been thinking a bit about what I might do with all my stitched tags. Kevin has suggested that I put them on a canvas and hang them in the dining room. When I started out on the little project it was my intention to make them into little book I'm still undecided, perhaps once they are complete and I see them all together it will all become clearer.
We are having some beautiful weather here in Fife it's so nice to see the sun out all day, looking forward to sunny days in our caravan :)


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