Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Instant Stash!

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't waste anything, I will try to recycle most things that have outlived their use or I give them to the charity shop or to others on Freegle. 
I never buy an excess of anything and feel guilty if I have something sitting around in my workshop for too long. most of my purchases are bargain buys, charity shop or boot sale finds and my once a year treat is to go to the creative stitches fair in Glasgow's SSEC and actually buy some treats of beads thread and fabric (last year I bought 2 different balls of wool in anticipation of learning to crochet :)
You can imagine my delight at the wonderful generosity of my Mother in Law Pat,
 when Kevin took Charlotte a couple of weeks ago down for a visit he returned with a car full of stuff and among it was this huge lot of wool .... an instant stash you could say!
Wow........ is all I could say when it arrived!! 
and also .... a very helpful wool winder
Charlotte loves this and has claimed joint ownership :)
There is only one thing for it ..... to get searching for patterns to do this lovely lot some justice!

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