Friday 26 February 2016

Leaving Comments

A little word about leaving comments,
All comments on my blog are moderated, some comments are not published, deleted in fact, so if you are trying very hard to leave a comment on my blog which contains links to dating sites etc. then don't bother its a wast of time. All genuine comments from like minded people like myself, who have a genuine interest in all things creative will be published, so just in case you are trying to leave a comment and it doesn't show, It will eventually :)

Friday 5 February 2016

A little bit of Harris Tweed

Been working with some lovely Harris Tweed
 to make these pretty Pins.
Each one is unique and all hand stitched..... 

The kilt pin fastening makes then ideal to use on shawls too.

I've also been stitching some new 'Inchie' pendants, .... they are very popular.......
which is nice... so I can keep making more...
which is also nice :)
These are the latest ones

I'm off to Falkland Craft fair tomorrow...first fair of the year for me and I have quite a colourful selection to display..

Alice in Wonderland Inchies

For my Daughter April
Alice In Wonderland Inchies


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