Thursday 26 November 2015

Christmas Inchies

It's been a busy few of months, lots of making and lots of craft fair bookings!
The next few fairs will all be Christmas ones and so the makes have been Christmas inspired. 
Firstly Inchies, so far I have worked on three different colour themes.
Red, Cream and Green
always a traditional look
with flying reindeer's in a heart, 
love this little birdhouse, 
can you see I added in some little robins eggs 
 I couldn't resist the vintage style sleigh
embellished with sparkling crystals, 
a musical heart, a golden star, candy canes
what more could you want!

Next is 'White Christmas' always a wonderful theme.... 

with little touches of silver sparkle and colour for that Christmas magic.....

 a silver bird a berry wreath, a warm scarf, candy canes
 a button heart for a little love.....and some jingle bells
a Christmas wreath an angel, 
a snowman stamp, and a little robin ...

'Winter Wonderland'
these are my favourite set they have a sort of subtle vintage look to them with the white and aqua base, 

the vintage style bells ,
coral pink ribbon and pink bead accents.

all three sets will adorn my stall for a truly festive look......

Saturday 5 September 2015

Inchie workshop at Heiton

 Had a fab day in the Scottish Borders village of Heiton
 in the village hall, with this lovely group of ladies.
Together they made some beautiful sets of Inchies
 in celebration of Vic's 40th Birthday
The birthday girl ! 
pleased with her results
placing, ready to frame
all framed up!
a satisfying view after a very creative 'Inchie' workshop day!
Thank you Vic for inviting me along to do the workshop and to all the ladies who took part,
 I had a lovely day!

Wednesday 3 June 2015

My Bohemian Oasis Blanket

Feeling quite pleased to have finished my blanket
 This is my first joined blocks blanket. I like how it has turned out
 and the yarn was lovely to work with.
I used Drops Delight in colours:  08, 09,10,& 11 
two balls of each. Joined and edged with Drops Fable in black 4 balls
The pattern is free on Ravelry. 
 It's so cosy! 
cuddled up on the sofa in it now as as I write :)

Monday 23 March 2015

A Sunny day in Kelso and more inchies

Another lovely day on Sunday ...friends gathered. .. to make inchies
So glad I managed to get this shot,
 everyone's Inchies finished and framed :)

Once again we gathered at Elaine's lovely home,

it was such a lovely relaxed day ...
Louise and Claire
Angela, Fiona & Elaine
Angela's lovely Inchies :)

Tuesday 10 February 2015

More Inchies !! Made in Kelso

Some pictures for 'Claire's' Sunday workshop in Kelso
these ones are Claire's, not quite finished here but still beautiful!

framing in progress......
Judith with her daughter Sophie
Elaine and Stella
Elaine's inchies

Cassandra preparing her inchies for framing
Kirsty and Jane happy with their results
all finished and framed
a close up of Jane's inchies

Stella made beautiful tweed ones and
 Judith made denim ones for her daughter Sophie

Cassandra did beautiful monochrome ones
 for her daughters room
It was such a busy day that I didn't take as many photos as I should have
the ladies all worked hard and enjoyed the day very much,  their inchies were all beautiful and if I can manage to get any more pictures to show more close ups I will add them to the post.

It's so lovely to see them all so pleased and proud of their framed Works of Art!

Friday 6 February 2015

Valentine Hearts

So I have been working on some more hearts to add to my Etsy shop
and to stock up for craft fairs.
some bright vibrant pinks,
 purples and reds, 
and some more subtle lavender and mauve 

Swarovski Crystals, Freshwater Cultured Pearls and Silk
all now available @ Boxoftrix 

Sunday 25 January 2015

Mary's Inchie's

I was commissioned to do a very special set of Inchies as a Christmas gift to a much loved Lady and Nana called Mary who was 91 years old.
 Her Granddaughter Elaine wanted to show how much she loved her and meant to her, she told me a little bit about Mary and the little things she treasured and enjoyed

such as flowers,  reading books and enjoying rides out in the car,

a loving, caring person... she loved sweets and cakes too!

I tried to capture as much as I could into each little inch

in vibrant pinks and purples,  colours she liked.....

I was so sad to hear the news that Mary died on new years day :(
It's sad to loose a loved one at any time, but I always feel it must be especially sad when it's over the festive season, when everyone around is celebrating and being merry.
She is sorely missed by all her family.
I hope the little set of Inchies will help as a 
 little tribute to her memory.
 R.I.P. Mary x


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