Sunday 25 January 2015

Mary's Inchie's

I was commissioned to do a very special set of Inchies as a Christmas gift to a much loved Lady and Nana called Mary who was 91 years old.
 Her Granddaughter Elaine wanted to show how much she loved her and meant to her, she told me a little bit about Mary and the little things she treasured and enjoyed

such as flowers,  reading books and enjoying rides out in the car,

a loving, caring person... she loved sweets and cakes too!

I tried to capture as much as I could into each little inch

in vibrant pinks and purples,  colours she liked.....

I was so sad to hear the news that Mary died on new years day :(
It's sad to loose a loved one at any time, but I always feel it must be especially sad when it's over the festive season, when everyone around is celebrating and being merry.
She is sorely missed by all her family.
I hope the little set of Inchies will help as a 
 little tribute to her memory.
 R.I.P. Mary x

Friday 16 January 2015

Lilac Hearts

Just some more little hearts I've been working on ..... lovely shades of lilac
 with beautiful Sworovski crystals
 and glass seed beads
This one has a touch of Aqua ....
All now available 

Thursday 8 January 2015

Stained Glass Star

I have been working on this Stained Glass 12 Point Star Blanket 
for my Mother in Law Pat
I finished it on Christmas eve
 then decided to add the shell border on the 3rd 
its a gift, for her birthday, but also a thank you to her
 for all the lovely wool she gave me a few months ago.
This wool was part of that huge stash 
and was a complete kit with pattern for an
 80s style black jumper by Jaeger
Knitting pattern and wool
Jaeger Matchmaker 2 DK 100% wool.
 There were also 11 balls of black
 I decided it would be a shame to split up this retro collection of colours so
 I started to first work on a triangle motive shawl and got this far with the motives
then I decided I didnt like it and wished I had made a round stained glass effect window blanket. I couldnt find a pattern for one online so I opted for a 12 point star pattern, after of course unravelling this lot and winding it all back into balls. I used the smother 'Russian' join method  

No point in putting a link to the star pattern,  because as I worked my way through 2 different colours it started to ripple and I had to ask for davice on what was going wrong, the ever helpful bunch at Creative crochet crew on facebook came to my aid and sorted me out. The pattern I was following was increasing way to much too soon so I followed advice there and completed the blanket.
I used as much of the colours as I could and the blanket measures 48 inches across including the scalloped edge. I have 5 full balls of black left which I will use in my next project.
A Drops pattern 'Bohemian Oasis' blanket 
 I have 25 blocks of that done already!

Ctrl. Alt. Del


 made these for my oldest Son, David as a Christmas gift. 
He asked me about this time last year if I could do these, he had seen similar ones online but knew his mum could probably make them :)

I considered different options but decided on this one.
I made 3 cushion pads from two new pillows.
Then 3 simple envelope covers from cream calico.

Stencils of adhesive vinyl were cut with the Silhouette Cameo and stuck to the corner of each one
next I used a plain black fabric crayon

 next I iron fixed on reverse and removed the vinyl stencil

I stitched another border around each cushion cover for a more finished look.


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