Thursday 20 October 2011

Black & White

I spent most of my creative time this week working on my Black & White quilt.
I used black poly velvet in strips between the squares and around the edge.

Side 1

I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out so far......
its not finished though......I hope to work on each of the squares to hand quilt around the flowers but that can be done as and when the mood takes me :)

Side 2

Now it sits on my sofa and I can cuddle under it in the winter evenings.

Just in time it seems as I think I'm coming down with a head cold and in need of a little comfort :(
sniff sniff

on another black and white note this is a little Zebra I bought last year for Charlotte's Christmas, she has now outgrown it
 (catching her toes under it on Monday while trying to have a go! :( poor wee thing)

Hes a lovely little wooden rocker, I bought him from a lovely seller on EBay.
now he needs a new home.

cute isn't he!
I was always going to fill the name in

but never got around to it. It kinda suits him anyway
So Clark is heading on to gumtree to find a new home, and
yesterday Charlotte and I went for a drive to collect a new rocker

needless to say shes delighted with him! she can just about climb up all by herself and as you can see, has had lots of fun already..... thanks to Gumtree, my favourite place at the moment.
The best thing about it is, it's free to list and sell, meaning the sellers gets to keep 100% Thats good for everyone :) I know its been around for a while now but I think its growing and more people are using it everyday worth a look for those who like a bargain.

Saturday 8 October 2011

Baby Bunting for 3

More Baby Bunting






3 more new babies
each one different and unique :)

Baby Bunting can now be ordered from my Etsy shop here : Boxoftrix

We have been having lots of rain :(
so earlier this week Charlotte and I made pancakes

Here she is watching out for the bubbles.......

....... and today fairy cakes

but she prefers to eat chocolate toast with a little ketchup on the side.....

Blogger is at it again! for some reason I am unable to leave comments on some of the blogs I have visited tonight, its very annoying. I type in a comment, click the send and it deletes the comment!


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