Sunday 30 May 2010

Inchies ~ Natural colours

This is another set of inchies I have been working on in natural colours of cream, greens & sand. I thought I would show you the whole piece before I cut it up. I stitched over the piece with some free machine embroidery in gold thread.

All cut up! and ready for the next stage .........

This time I only used 12 of the 16 inchies in the arrangement.
This was due to the size of frame which I had decided to use.

I will post a picture of the other 4 pieces and the finished framed piece when I get a chance to photograph them, my camera battery died on me before I got any more shots.
The finished piece was a gift for my Mum who celebrated her 81st birthday today we had a family lunch gathering at a nice Italian place near her home then back to hers for an assortment of desserts, coffee, wine and some 'Singstar' fun.
Happy Birthday Mum x

Sunday 23 May 2010

All things Rosie!

Rosebud collection.......

A selection of adornments I have been working on

2 Cuffs, 2 hairbands, 2 flower pins & 2 pendants

All available in my new Folksy shop.

This little collection was inspired by a banner I was working on for a little girl call Rosie who recently celebrated her first birthday. The fabric is so sweet I love working with it its nearly all gone..............

This is the end triangle which was the inspiration for the Accessories.
Rosie's banner you can see more pictures in my Flickr album here

to my surprise my friend Vicky came over on Friday with her little boy Adam and brought me these beautiful Roses! ....I feel blessed to have such lovely people in my life .........

Have a lovely day :)

Thursday 20 May 2010

Flowers for me again!

Today I have some more beautiful flowers to show you, my friend Jackie came to visit and brought me these beautiful little tulips.

She also told me some interesting facts about tulips which I didn't know so thought I'd share. Apparently tulips are the only flowers whose stems continue to lengthen after you cut them, hence the reason the appear to end up sitting at different heights in the vase even when they started off all the same height. Also she says that tulips tend to grow to the shape and direction of the vase that you arrange them in. I shall photograph these in a few days time and see what happens.
It's such a beautiful day again today the sun is out and its lovely and warm here.
Think is time for a walk with the pram Charlotte needs a nap .....and I need to sew!

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Flowers for me !

I like little surprises like this don't you......

In such beautiful yellow shades to match the lovely weather we have been having these past couple of days .....

Monday 17 May 2010

Inchies framed

The finished piece.
I used an old frame which had no glass......

......... perfect for these tactile little pieces just asking to be touched
I'm working on a little collection of adornments which I will add pictures of shortly

Saturday 8 May 2010

Daisy & Bee

My aim is to stitch a 28 square grid sampler.
Each square will represent a year of my niece Bianca's life, she died on the 1st April 2010
My aim is to fill each square with something that connects with her in some way
'Mother & Child' which features daisies.
I chose a daisy as her flower, although she never expressed a favourite flower she loved and had a huge canvas of the Gustav Klimt painting
The child also resembles Bianca as a child :)
The first square which I posted a picture of before is of a Bee for 'B' which is what we always called Bianca. Also a few family members have had strange encounters with bees in their homes since she died.

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Inchies in Aqua Blue

16 Aqua inchies for my sister Theresa
It's nice to be stitching these little inchies again,
I think I might do some Neutral ones next.

Update. Photographic prints of all my inchie sets are now available from my Etsy shop

Monday 3 May 2010

Treats for the girls

Yesterday we took the opportunity to drive out to Ladybank to visit the 'Green Door Studio' and meet the lovely Aileen Clark.

We bought a cute little hairband for Charlotte which matched her colourful Ellaroo wrap. I didn't get a picture of her in it yesterday when she was in the wrap but took this one today. Its such a sweet little hairband and there were so many different colour combinations to choose from, it sits softly and comfortably on her head.

Thank you Aileen giving us the opportunity to visit your little studio and see your beautiful work and for the lovely welcome cup of tea & shortbread :)

 I have followed Aileen's blog and admired her lovely work for some time now but never had the opportunity to meet her or see her work in person until now.
What a lovely little studio she has and her work just must be seen in person....I wanted one of everything! In the end I decided on this fab fused fibre flower pendant which looks great on my multi-beaded necklace which I made some time ago, also looks good as a single length longer pendant. I'm delighted with it.


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