Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sale on the Green and a new project

I started a new project on Sunday, 
it was such a lovely sunny day I enjoyed some relaxing time in the garden 
after a busy day on Saturday ... 
I had a stall at Sale on the Green at Charlestown  in Limekilns.
 A lovely day was had by all ! 
My stall at the end of the day!
 I got some lovely feedback on my new work, my Embroidered Bags and Pincushion Mice were very popular as was my French Map Bunting, Embroidered Pendants and Bookmarks.
 I'm enjoying some studio time again and My Etsy shop has been re-stocked !
Pop along and have a look  Boxoftrix on Etsy

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TwinkleToes2day said...

Congratulations on getting your shop stocked again Yvonne. You have some very beautiful pieces avaialable and it's great to see them shown on FB too. A wider audience at the ready. I have invited some of my frinends to come to take a peek too. I hope some of them manage to keep you busy.
I'm getting antsy about the PJ/T-shirt collection. I keep getting him to try things on to see if they're too small yet, lol. I know there's no rush, but the idea of it is so exciting. lol :o) x


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