Thursday, 29 March 2012

Boxoftrix Studio 4 yrs ! Post 200

It's 4 years since I moved into my little studio
 I though it was time the windows got some attention.

 I have been making little lengths of paper bunting.
I liked Dotty Angels similar creations which she made with book pages and fabric hearts.
I wanted to use my sheet music and also got out one of my boxs of greeting cards,

did I say I never throw any greeting cards away......

rather than cut the paper I tore out the rectangle shapes,

 I cut out some of the pretty pictures from my greeting cards and glued these onto both sides.

I stitched the rectangles onto a lengths of  twine.

this is one of the side windows

you can see them a bit better with the blind down.
I bought the ceramic mushroom mobile a few years ago from a craft show at the border country fair I had a stall there too selling my jewellery and couldn't resist, I love the tinkling noise of the ceramic, I think actually it might be porcelain, I wish also I could remember the name of the maker.

This is a heart hanging I made from an old wire coat hanger and some dance wear fabric scraps that a friend gave me, they are stretchy and shiny and bright on one side. Ideal for this project.
 I got the idea for the heart style from pinterest but I will give credit and the link to the tutorial and lovely blog from where it came Sarah @ Red Gingham

I hung a glass bauble I have had for a few years now, another a craft show purchase this time in Dun's, I cant remember who made it either (sorry)

My daughter April bought me this cute caravan bird box for Christmas.
After 4 years, my little studio now has pretty windows,  I don't know why I waited so long
so happy 4th birthday Boxoftrix Studio
and happy 200 post Boxoftrix Blog :)
Thanks for taking the time to follow my ramblings, stop by and read occasionally and comment when you get the time, every comment really is valued and appreciated.

Yvonne x


Twiglet said...

What a cosy little studio you have - many a happy hour spent there I guess.

Lynn Holland said...

Gardens looking great Yvonne and the studio looks so inviting. I want to sit in your chair and soak up the atmosphere.
Lynn x x

Louise said...

Congratulations! Love that window bunting.

Karen said...

happy 4th birthday to your very pretty studio from a very jealous person in Lancashire!!

. said...

Fabulous space, & love the little caravan! :-D x


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