Saturday, 17 March 2012


Wow ...that week went fast.
 Last weekend I went to the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show at the SECC Glasgow.  I was even fortunate enough to go on the Saturday and the Sunday :)
Every year I go with my Mum, Sister, Cousin and this year my Mother in Law joined us.
As usual, we all had a lovely time browsing the stalls
there is so much to see and be tempted by, I took my camera, but as always forget to use it.

I will post more about what I got at the show later, and what I have did with some of my purchases when I have time to take some pictures.
On Sunday morning before heading out to the show again I baked a cake and put it aside for decorating later when I got back, no idea what it was going to look like only that it had to be pink.
For this little Lady

 Having thought about it a couple of times during the show and bought a metre of lovely baby pink ribbon, and on the way home I stopped off to pick up some goodies.

(what would we do without marshmallow flumps and strawberry chocolate buttons)

its no work of art but it tasted delicious

I can't believe she is 3 already.

So Monday was Charlotte's day we didn't have a party but she enjoyed opening her presents and spending time with both her grandmothers and some of the family who came to visit.
I couldn't resist buying her Charlie and Lola 'The Absolutely Complete Collection'  DVD set
yep all 80 episodes on 11 discs a great buy  ....  we love Charlie and Lola :D can you tell?

and as jigsaws are her favourite thing to do at the moment ....

a giant 24 piece Peppa Pig Floor Puzzle
which she loves and can already complete,
comes with line drawing on the back and crayons to colour and wipe off.

Tuesday we headed up to Dundee with Kevin's Mum to visit the Verdant Works
Unfortunately we arrived to find out that it wasn't open on Tuesdays during the winter months, we were a bit disappointed having driven for an hour and it was not printed on the information leaflet we had with us.

Heading back out of town we discovered the University of Dundee's Botanic Garden and enjoyed a lovely afternoon stroll here instead.
I did take some lovely pictures which I will post later.
OK just a peek's one

We enjoyed a delicious lunch in their bright and sunny coffee shop
 well worth a visit if you are in Dundee.

Friday Charlotte and I went to Mothercare / ELC to take advantage of their extra 20% discout code along with her giftcard from nana Moxon and is now the proud owner of a lovely pink easel
some chunky chalk, propper paint pots and spiral art set which was half price. We havent opened this yet as she has spent a lot of today at the blackboard having fun, it's lovely to watch her sketch away with her chalk, she is growing up so fast.

 I have spent some time each day in my little studio having fun mostly with paper,
but more about this tomorrow.

so yes , quite busy really


Su said...

Happy birthday Charlotte - that looks a very pretty cake! How lovely that she's enjoying drawing and painting.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Sue :) Yes I think she is going to be creative she does enjoy painting.


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