Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Garden Upgrade

Changes afoot in the garden .....
This is how it used to look.
 The wet weather we are sometimes plagued with made little puddles at the door all the time when it was all gravel, so around April last Kevin decided to put paving stones down for a more solid walkway,

 very cleverly slightly sloped to divert the water to the left side and onto the grass,

and the more paving stones that went down, the more it pushed the water way from the studio in both directions

You can see in these pictures taken in August, the end of the paving stones.
Bad weather and other commitments have made it difficult for him to get it finished

 but last weekend we had some nice weather,
My Son David was visiting with us and the boys worked hard to get this project on track again
the last of the paving stones spaced out and the old gravel shipped to the back of the garden
beside the raised beds.
they did a great job.
They removed the small amount of flint gravel we had up there and put it down at the corner
 ready to add to the new load we have ordered.
The new gravel arrived on Wednesday
and on Saturday

more progress

No more muddy footprints on the kitchen floor :)

Charlotte has only been able to play out here if she wears her wellies.

To the right of the step a little bed has been set up

it's so nice to see it all coming together :)

the flat stone on the left under the tap is for the watering can to rest on :)

The weather this week has been wonderful, bright , sunny and warm

and we have all been enjoying our lovely new space

and when the sun went down
we even lit the new fire basket I bought for Kevin for Valentines Day :)

I cant believe it's still March

Kevin played some tunes on the guitar and we sang songs until Charlotte needed to sleep

It was lovely, I foresee many more evenings like this
weather permitting of course :)


bright star said...

It all looks lovely.Hard work but worth it when you can have lovely times !

Yvonne Moxon said...

Too true Angela! thanks for dropping by :)

Theresa said...

well done kevin and david, its been a long time coming, now at last you guy s can relax and enjoy, for a change.love Tx

Wendie-kins said...

oh, its looking idyllic! my garden is an absolute mess... we had aconservatory added a few years ago but have never had the time and weather combined to finish the patio, so I long for a completion like you have! ... enjoy! x


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