Saturday, 3 March 2012

Why Change ? Comments, Givaways

I noticed today that the time stamp on post comments was quite a few hours ahead. I haven't noticed this before, wasn't even looking. I looked at the 'Known issues' section in blogger help but there is no mention of it. However, a google search provided the answer. Apparently its something to do with the new blogger interface, there is a glitch in the 'embedded' comments choice, so I have hopefully sorted it out by choosing the pop up page style for comments, just in case anyone was wondering why the change
On the subject of comments, I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and take a little of their time to comment on the posts that interest them. I do try to answer everyone personally via email as well as on my blog, its nice to know that my posts interest you.

I was looking at the comments list today and noticed  that I was on my 183rd post, 200 is fast approaching :) I was thinking perhaps it's time for a little giveaway more on that soon , once I decide what I'm going to give away, any suggestions of what any of you lovely followers would like to see me giveaway?  ...all silly suggestions appreciated too..... Whats the best giveaway you have seen, took part in or heard of on a blog?

please feel free to comment, email or shout

Looks good doesn't it :)
Have a lovely weeeknd
Yvonne x

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Lynn Holland said...

Funny you should say that Yvonne about the time, one of my friends asked me what I was doing on the computer at some ungodly hour. I wasnt, it was exactly what you have been said.
Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.
We have been filling a skip with stuff from our house this week. Driving hubby mad as I keep bringing things back in.
Lynn xx
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