Monday, 7 February 2011

Romantic Hearts Giveaway

Romantic Hearts
all of these and more are now for sale in my Etsy shop.

Perfect for giving and wearing on Valentines day
and everyday for that matter...I'm wearing mine now :)

This is the one I chose to keep I love it so much

I thought also it was time to say thank you to all of you who take the time to visit and read and leave a comment or two I really do appreciate them all and it means a lot so I'm doing my first giveaway on the 14th February and what better to give than a heart........of your choice!

Just leave a little post telling me which brooch or pendant you like best and why, does one jump out at you? is it your colour?........ is it perfect for your top, dress, jacket, would it team well with some earrings you have or just look fab on your bag or hat! ........I want to know

Of course if you win and the one you like best sells before the 14th then your next favourite one will be sent :o)
A little bit of fun I hope you will join in.
Love Yvonne x


Silke Scheller said...

Dear Yvonne,
your hearts are so loveley, absolutley the right thing for Valentine! So I would love to win one of them. My favourite is the rose-beige one in the middle with that lace around. I like the coulour-combination and the composition. The button above and the French Knots beyond make the heart harmonious to me. I also do like the beige-brown-white one next to it (at the right side). It´s cottage-style-like (do you say so?)
If I may win one I think I`m going to decorate my livingroom with it, may be it`ll be something to hang on my Easterbouquet?
So thank you for this,

Wendie-kins said...

oh Yvonne... they are ALL lovely!! but if I HAD to choose it'd be the moss & cream heart brooch ♥ or the rose pendant featured here. Oh to have spare pennies to go shopping with right now, always too much month left at the end of my money! :o(

Linda Vincent said...

So hard to choose Yvonne......but I think the Rose Heart Pendant is my absolute favourite. If I won I think I'd give it to my mum (if I could bear to part with it :-))
You make such beautiful things....

Anonymous said...

They are all so beautiful - and I can't possible choose a favourite (the curse of being a Libra) - I would be delighted with any of them!!

Su said...

They are all so pretty, I'd love any of them! If I had to pick just one it would be the pendant with the rosebud on - as I love roses!

Joan - South Island, New Zealand. said...

Hello Yvonne,
Your giveaway is lovely. I think they are all pretty. If I could choose, I would go for the brown and cream heart with the ribbon rose in the centre but maybe that is the one you chose. As I say, any one would be delightful.

Unknown said...

HI Yvonne,

All of your hearts are wonderful. If I had to pick, I'd choose the Rose pendant! Your creations are wonderful! Best wishes, Sue

Singtatter said...

I prefer the one with the rose too, cos' I love flowers and butterfly. I agree with Sue, all the hearts are just lovely too!

Joy said...

Your photography for the hearts looks great, especially the one with the rocks. Very serene.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you to everyone who took part in the givaway and all your lovely comments.

Joy, thank you for your nice comments about my photography. I took a photography course while studying art at college and my father was a photographer for most of his life so I guess I must have picked up something. I think composition is the key to a good picture.

Carol Q said...

ooh, these are beautiful, so pretty and delicate.


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