Thursday, 24 February 2011

Change re-vamp and recycle

So we bought this light / swirly ball fitment about 2yrs ago, It seemed to go with the decor and the furniture, When it was fitted, I kinda liked it but over the past 6 months I just kept thinking it's not me...if you know what I mean.

The fitment which we used to have up, an eBay purchase about 7yrs ago we painted it silver and I loved it, I should have just kept it up there, but instead it got put in the loft for a couple of years then back down when I decided to paint it green, cos I had a small tin of metallic paint, bought in the sale and the bedroom needed a fitment to go with the new colour scheme.
 I was happy to be using the fitment again. Pictured here without the shade and ready for another revamp...yep the silver ball swirly thing has been removed.....and I yes, I did find another nice shade for the bedroom :o)

spent 2 hrs this afternoon painting it by hand with a little brush........... but you will have to wait to see the finished piece, I didn't get a picture in the daylight.......

Update: 28.02.10

All finished and fitted. The inside of the flowers I have kept the original pearly silvery pink...
I like it black. K says if it has to be moved again he will have to rewire it the cable is so short,
 I think I'll keep it here...its more me :)


Couldn't resist taking this picture yesterday as I shared this little box of treats with Charlotte, she was particularly fond of the tiny meringues, but the mixture of lemon infused raisins and yogurt covered peanuts were simply yummy!

......just one of the little surprises in my 2nd Graze box which arrived on Monday

This was my first box which arrived on Saturday and it was free!
I'm quite enjoying this new found treat, ideal for popping in your handbag and keeping one sustained while stitching away in  the studio! ideal in fact.
Tomorrow morning Charlotte goes to her little dance class which is held in a soft play centre nearby, afterwards the mums get together for a chat, they do have a cafe where food and cakes can be bought but I decided that I was going to stop trying to buy food and drinks there because the service is so slow and awful and normally the drinks are cold by the time you get to sit down and food takes ages to order and get that I had started opting for the fast cake option for lunch instead (very naughty!) I will go armed with my 2 little graze boxes that I have left of today's selection and a  GRAZE voucher code ( 853Q3T63 ) for everyone to get a free box online with no obligation to sign up or buy anymore if they don't like :o)

I wish I could remember the blog that I got the link about Graze from, I was catching up on so many and I forgot take note.

Update: I remembered it was Linda aka Blue eyed girl

Back again soon with more pictures of makes and re-makes!


Carol Q said...

lol - I've been ordering from Graze for a couple of months now. they are such fun to receive in the post!

Linda Vincent said...

Glad to see you're enjoying the Graze boxes - I love them!
I'm particularly fond of the cherry infused raisins :-)


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