Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's easy when you know how.....

My Son David is at university in Dundee.
 He manages to visit about once a month as he doesn't drive and  its about an hour away from us.
 Its always lovely to see him. A couple of weeks ago he called me to talk about the rag bracelets that I made him which he wears all the time. He asked if I could teach him how to make them. So at the weekend we spent some time my workshop and went through each of the processes.
These are his first ones.
He managed to make about 12 while he was here.
I was quite impressed at how quickly he learned how to do them and put together some lovely colour combinations, added bigger buttons and really went for it. It was lovely to watch him stitching away and really enjoying the time.
I gave him some supplies to take away, lots of buttons, fabric & elastic cord.
He's hoping to make a little bit of spare cash selling them to fellow students and friends,
I made him a little sewing case and stocked it with the things he will need.

This piece of leather was cut from an old wallet. I thought the inside suede which was as new under the fabric lining of the wallet was perfect for a more manly sort of needle case.

I added a ribbon loop for scissors and a couple of felt pages for pins and needles.
David was delighted, now he can make his rag bracelets anywhere.
And indeed he did all the way home on the train and text me to say he had sold his first one on the journey home ....result! :)
You can find the link to my rag bracelet tutorial on the side bar.


Marigold Jam said...

Wow! Love that little masculine needlecase and how great that your son now has an easy source of extra cash - fancy selling one on the train too!


Su said...

How lovely that he wanted to learn and has sold one too!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Good for him! Love the sewing case too : )

Anonymous said...

It's so good to read of a student who is prepared to make an effort to earn some money, instead of running up debts!! He has obviously inherited your talent!

Helen said...

Love Helen xx

Joy said...

Cool! That is so neat that he wanted to learn and has already sold some! The sewing case you made is very ingenious and creative--love the little loop for the sewing scissors. I'm going to check out your tutorial. That is great that you get to see him often and that he enjoys coming home.Have a great day in Scotland!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you for all the nice comments, Im very proud that he is doing well at uni and that he is trying this out I was quite impressed at how quickly he picked it up, but then I shouldnt be he's always been a fast learner in everything he wants to try.


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