Friday, 17 September 2010

Jeans Bag

I made this in June, finished just before we went on holiday to Crete and didn't get time to blog about it or even take pictures of it before today.

A beach bag made from a pair of Bianca's jeans, something to remember her by. I moved the pockets out of the way before adding the applique rose detail so that I would still be able to use them.
These jeans were a size 18 so it's a big bag as you can see in the picture below of it hanging on my dining room chair

I removed the stud buttons from the back pockets as one was badly bent and was coming off anyway, and I stitched on some Velcro over the holes and underside of the flaps & a couple of large vintage Lucite buttons to compliment the colours of the rose fabric. I lined the inside with pink cotton as I didn't have enough of the rose fabric.


The base is made from the other part of the jeans leg & handle was made from the other leg cut into strips and lined with the rose fabric. I also had to remove and restitch the front belt loops wider apart to get them in line with the back ones & allow the handle sit right. They are soft and comfortable to wear even when the bag if full.

I'm quite pleased with my beach bag, I keep it packed and ready for swimming, it holds four towels and everyones' swimming attire ready to go........ I think Bianca would have smiled & laughed if she had seen what I did with her jeans it would have amused her to see how much it can hold. It did us proud on our holiday.

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Marigold Jam said...

What a clever idea.



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