Monday 20 September 2010

28 Squares & more

I stitched another little square last night on the 28 square sampler I chose a simple four leaf clover to remind me of how ........

......luck seemed to follow Bianca around, she was forever finding things, valuables & money, winning scratch cards and raffle prizes, You know when you go to a fundraising event and you buy some tickets then you think, oh it's a good cause I'll buy some more , I might win something with all these tickets. Bianca was the person who would buy two and win two prizes. So I stitched the little lucky symbol just to remind me of those times, when she laughed at her luck and made others smile too....happy for her.
I thought that stitching a clover would be simple but I stitched and snipped it out about four times before eventually opting to do a simple outline and filling it in with Prismacolour pencil's not perfect I stitched in the evening using the sofa light and I didn't stick to the outline, but it doesn't matter I like it!
My lovely husband Kevin gave me lots of beautiful flowers for our anniversary on the 2nd Sept. Shame on me for not taking a picture and posting it, In the picture below this is what was left of them about 5 days ago cut and put into a smaller vase, I cant bring myself to through flowers out until they are wilting....anyway on the table in front of them is the fabric that wrapped the flowers, I think its organza ....I was just wondering if anyone has kept this stuff and did something creative with it? it seems a shame to just throw it out
 and there is quite a lot of it!

I have been stitching away in my little studio as much as I can at the moment, I'm loving being back in there more at the weekends and managing to catch sometime most days when Charlotte has her afternoon nap. Having a tidy up and going through my stash of fabrics, threads, beads and findings gathering inspiration along the way ... it's good!

I have been playing around with new ideas and have taken some pictures which I hope to put together with a little tutorial , I hope to post it soon, need to take some more pictures tomorrow in the daylight.
Hope you all had a happy Monday out there....mine was busy!


Marigold Jam said...

Love the little four leaf clover and I like the fact that the outline isn't exactly to the colour it adds to the charm. That organza stuff could surely be used on yur inchies couldn't it? I have played about with stitching paper to fabric creations and cannot see why this wouldn't work just as well. You could put something underneath it and get a sort of misted effect I should think? Looking forward to the tutorial.


Yvonne Moxon said...

hi Jane thank you for reading my post and for taking the time to respond. Im sure I could use it on my inchies I have a collection of different types of organza, silks, two tone, (my brain isnt working this morning) irridecant stuff if you know what I mean. I guess this grey just isnt a colour I would choose to work with but perhaps it might be a good shadow got me thinking now.

Joy said...

I have been reading several of your posts on tributes to Bianca with the personalized inchies. It is therapy, isn't it. Doing things like this allow us to think and remember a loved one who is no longer with us. Your designs are charming. Sorry about Bianca.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Joy thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my inchies and 28 squares project. Yes you are right it is a kind of thereapy, I have used these ideas and more to encourage my sister Theresa, Biancas mother to keep going and find posititve ways to use her creative energy with Bianca's clothes to remember happier moments and heal.She is getting there and Im very proud of her, she has made some beautiful things including a memory quilt.


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