Saturday, 11 September 2010

Patchwork revisited

Having had a bit of clear out in my workshop with a lot of projects in mind to I came across a pile of unfinished projects which I really have put off for way too long.
I have saved some of Charlotte's pretty dress and baby things which I plan to make into a quilt. And my sister Theresa gave me a beautiful bundle of fat quarters in black and white prints for my birthday which I also have plans for a quilt.
I realised that I couldn't possibly begin any of these two projects before completing two I started a few years ago I don't know exactly how long ago I started them but I haven't worked on either for at least 12 years.......yes I know such a long time and I feel bad for leaving them so long.
So I'm working on this one first. Its an English patchwork pieced quilt
 for my daughter April who is now 18 yrs old.
I started this quilt when she was about 3yrs old. It began from a pack of Laura Ashley patchwork pieces. I then incorporated some peach floral fabric which I liked and some aqua white spot fabric. I think I stopped working on this when I ran out of both fabrics.
Quite reciently I found some more of the aqua & white spot fabric in the remnent bin at Rejects. I used it for the leaves and bird on the swing crib drapes I made back in February 2009 for Charlotte. Im so glad I got lots more I think it was only a couple of pounds for about 3 mtrs.
Im quite enjoying the slow process of hand stitching each piece together. I had forgotton how theraputic it can be, making up batches of the paper backed pieces then adding them to the quilt, watching it grow. It also gives me time to think about how I'm going to back this, or what I'm going to back it with. Im enjoying my return to this too long forgotton quilt.

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