Saturday, 2 March 2013

Little House

I have been working a little project for the past couple of months in the construction of 'A Little House' 
each member of Fife branch Embroiderers Guild is making one for a future exhibition.
you may have read this post 'Little Stitches'where I posted some little glimpses of the pieces I was working on. This is it finally finished after much arranging and rearranging, sometimes you put things together and they look great for a while then the more you look ....they don't work any more when a better idea comes into play. I'm happy with the end result now ....
 front and side
Copper ring window surrounded with cast on stitches 

french knot roses

stump-work velvet window frame

little door
extending a little fragment

 back and side
Wisteria detail using isolated drizzle stitches on stump-work branches
working on the A-Z stitch tags has brought some new and varied stitches to my attention, this project has enabled me to develop them further so I feel doing the tags has been really worthwhile

 back view 
You can see also the laced up side closure on the right.
The transferred image is of a photograph of a real window from a derelict house from the Highland clearances the date plaque coincides with the period also.
my little spider and web I stitched at Halloween found a home!
as well as the Queen Ann's Lace.
This is the roof ....
strips of fabric, yarn and rick-rack, a paper butterfly and a vintage china cabinet key attached with some pink silk ribbon.
I have photographed it on top of my flower quilt you may remember my posts on
Retrieved from my workshop, I'm determined to work to get that completed, its been sitting unfinished for too long..... hopefully I'll get back on it soon.

Oh almost forgot my little house is called 'Blue Lace Cottage'


Marigold Jam said...

Amazing! I love it and so much work must have gone into making it - wish I was near enough to see the exhibition when it takes place if all the little houses are anything like as beautiful as this!

My Creative House said...

Oh Yvonne this house is so wonderful and beautifully made, love the embroidery and all the details on it.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh Yvonne! Words simply fail me as to how I feel about this truly beautiful house with all it's exquisite details. I wish I could hold it and see all the details for myself. The exhibit is going to be a pure delight :0) Mo xx

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you all so much for leaving such lovely comments about my little house, it was a pleasure to work on. The exhibition will be around September sometime to celebrate Fife branch's 10th anniversary.


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