Friday, 29 March 2013

Painting a Miniature Needlepoint Canvas

Yesterday I began on a little piece I have planned to do for a little while,
 it's more of a challenge, to try something new- painting on needlpoint canvas
do something in miniature again - it is 'miniature' canvas
I found this little image that I liked online at the Graphics Fairy,

 I loved the colours and it suited my little project in mind.
 first i traced the image at 12% on my laptop screen
 then I went over it with my micron pen on the tracing paper
next I traced the outline onto my miniature canvas which is called coin-net
not sure of the actual square/per inch ratio but its very fine

 I did this tracing with the aid of a little makeshift litebox
using a plastic tub and my micro light
 next ....the tricky bit with paint, I read online that acrylic paint is best so I dug out what I had some system 3 basic colours and white, a couple of synthetic paintbrushes and just started, having no idea how it was going to turn out!

I put the larger image on my desktop for colour reference
and this is what I came up with
Im not aiming for an exact copy, I just liked the image and the colours in it, more using it as a starting point
  I'm quite pleased with it :)

Apart from one pincushion and a little sample I have little experience in needlepoint, so this is a real challenge , but I'm looking forward to trying it
Needlepoint is usually worked in fine wool threads but I'm going to use 6 strand embroidery floss.
I found this little card of threads from a kit I stitched a few years ago, a gift from my sister, I used it as one of the samples require for my C&G portfolio. The colours are a perfect selection for my needlepoint nest, although I will have to add a couple more to the mix.
This is the one I stitched from the kit, a letter 'Y' 
It's the one and only time I have did a cross stitch, I really don't find it an enjoyable way to stitch I dislike referring to counted thread charts, that don't make sense to me and I find the process restrictive, there are some beautiful designs out there and my sister Theresa is a beautiful cross stitcher, I do admire those who can sit and do it but I can't, I don't get on with it at all.
I wanted to share this little Easter Nest that Charlotte made at nursery,
 but she assured me it was all for her ;)
I wish you all a Happy Easter x


Healthfood Fanatic said...

I must say that - whereas I admire the amount of work that goes into cross-stitching - I never had the patience to do it either :-)
I look forward to seeing your little Easter egg nest cross stitch.
And Charlotte's Easter egg nest made me smile, she is a little cutie.
Happy Easter to you all too and thank you for following my blog! :-)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wow, you sure are adventurous Yvonne. How clever to get that computer image from screen to fabric and just a fraction of the size. Your painting of it is awesome. Best of luck with the stitch-work, it will be great I'm sure.
Funny how kiddies like to play out in the cold wet snow. Never understood it myself, even as a kiddie myself I didn't like it, haha. Have a very Happy Easter weekend Yvonne :0) Mo x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Anita & Mo, I'm not sure how the stitching on this is going to go really! it might turn out awful!

Texture Trail said...

Lovely image that you have chosen for your embroidery. Very painstaking of you to transfer the design. I am sure this will make a beautiful piece, and look forward to seeing the finished result in due course!
Jane x

Barb Cady said...

You have transferee this design so cleverly! Can't wait to see it completed, it will look wonderful. ( I can't get on with cross stitch either, I find it too restrictive although like you I admire looking at other people's!) happy Easter Yvonne. X


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