Monday, 4 March 2013

Flower Quilt ...progress

In my last post I mentioned my Flower Quilt which I was working on about this time last year.
it was more of a remake / refashion. 
I wanted to make it a bit smaller and a bit more interesting on the reverse, I got as far as making a new reverse side complete with four new painted panels.
 pieced together with the squares I removed from the other side.
The new side.
 I took out the thick heavy blanket that was in there and replaced it with a thinner fleece throw from IKEA. Im thinking this will be just as warm but easier to wash size and weight wise.
A few hours spent over the weekend 
re-hand quilting the six painted panels on original side 
 the colours have faded a little
 but still as pretty
 I enjoyed the process of quilting it by hand again 
 onto the new cream throw

I worked with a large hoop to quilt and found it much easier and quicker, 
I bought the hoop a while ago and have never used it before now.

Today more progress......
Some of the original green backing fabric cut into strips for binding.
I'm not too in love with the colour,
  thought I'd use some blue or green fabric paint to brighten it up
I settled on the blue, covered the table with cling film and
 brushed the paint & water solution onto the strips. 
Strips all dried and colour fixed with a hot iron ...a nice match for the quilt 
they have a little bit of a sparkle to them which you cant see in the picture.
good match for the paler original side too.
The strips are 2.5 inches wide, for a double binding these are now folded in half 
ironed and ready for stitching on tomorrow.


TwinkleToes2day said...

Hi Yvonne - hoping all is well with you.
I've thought about those panels often. They are some of the first things of yours I saw around here. Still gorgeous, and so lovely to see you working on it again. That green/blue binding is perfect. Looking forward to seeing the next stages. :0) Mo xx

Texture Trail said...

Your flower quilt is gorgeous, Yvonne! Fabulous colour combinations,and I love the hand quilting.
Jane x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Mo and Jane it is nice to be working on it again and it's almost done


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