Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring Sampler WIP

This is the Spring Sampler I am working on, I was fortunate to pick up a good printed linen 'second'  from Lorna Bateman's stall at the SECC creative stitches show about 2 years ago.
It was nice to catch a chat with her at the show this year, where we discussed the stitches she had used and the thread widths etc. I also bought a selection of the beautiful Chameleon Threads that she sells.
The piece measures 9 "x 13 "
Working on the A~Z stitch tags for Tag Tuesday has prompted me to make a start on the sampler, 
I'm not one for doing pre-printed samplers usually but the tempting mix of freestyle stitching, stump~work and ribbon work, which I have never tried before, appealed to me.

I began with the words I used white French floss and stitched them in whipped back stitch.
Next I did the borders, for the sides, I choose Anchor Pearl 5 thread in  variegated greens ( No 1352 )
   The outer and inner lines are worked in double knot.

 I beaded these two leaves to try out the beads I bought for size, Lorna advised size 15 but I couldn't get the colour in that size so I bought size 11 and used 6 beads on each leaf instead of the 10 she used. I will wait till later to bead the rest of leaves. 

for the smaller leaves in the top and bottom borders I used  'Lemon & Lime'  one of the Carron Wildflower threads. 
Daises ~ stems in DMC 3052 Green Grey Med
petals white french floss, centres DMC 744  pale yellow
 & a  herringbone border 
now adding french knots I'm using one of the Chameleon threads 
'Spring Garden' (79)  Perle No 8 

I originally put the piece on a large frame but found in the end that it's easier and more portable to work in a hoop, I will transfer it to the frame again when its time to do the ribbon work and stump-work to keep it flat.
more soon as I progress .....


Lynn Holland said...

I enjoyed reading your post Yvonne and love watching your progress.
Lynn xx

TwinkleToes2day said...

Such beautiful colours & stitches. Always so neat with exquisite detail. This is going to be gorgeous :0) mo xx

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Lynn & Mo for the nice comments x


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