Monday, 12 November 2012

Corsage for a wedding & cake

 I made this flower corsage for my coat from the hem of a dress I altered.
I took about 1.5" off the bottom.
The leaves are made of lace trim painted with my watercolour fabric dyes.
 I bought the dress about 4 years ago and
 never worn it because it was too long and needed shortened.
this is the back of the dress its very plain on the front
I even had one flower left over for my little handbag
Perfect for a wedding !
Me with Harry and Charlotte waiting on the happy couple!
I also remade a necklace I put together a  few years ago, it was designed to be a long or short with a toggle fastener but it was a little too short for comfort and the fastener to heavy that it kept making its way to the front. I changed some of the beads, added a few more in including the two large blue crystals,
  to match in with a pair of earrings I already made and
added a magnetic catch now its my favourite new necklace! 
it matched in nicely with my outfit.
 Adele and Mike
cutting the cake I made for their happy day.
The day was a double celebration
both Adele & Mikes boys,
 Dakota and Cody were also Christened.


Marigold Jam said...

Lovely outfit Yvonne. How did you make the flower corsage I wonder - it looks wonderful. Glad the day went well and best wishes to the happy couple.

Su said...

I love your outfit, and that cake is amazing. Glad you all had such a nice day ;-)

Louise said...

The corsage is very beautiful. Your are very clever.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you ladies, Jane the flowers were so simple to do I machined a zig zag stitch along the raw edge of the hem I cut off the dress and then just got a needle and thread and rolled and stitched through fabric as I went and cut of the excess when each flower was big enough. I then stitched 3 flowers onto a felt background adding in the lace and wired beads.I just used 2 small safety pins through the back of the lapel on the jacked to fix it in place, I can also fix it to the dress if I want.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Ooh Yvonne, you looked so beautiful!! Not outshining the beautiful bride, but definitely beautiful! The corsage and flower for your bag are stunning - you are so clever. Your necklace is gorgeous and matched your outfit so nicely.
Wee Charlotte is sooo cute, and Harry - very handsome young man he is!!
Finally - that cake!! You truly are a lady of many extraordinary talents! I bet the bride/groom and everyone else were thrilled with it. Bravo! :0) Mo x


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