Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Prayer Flag swap with Jane

Prayer Flag for Jane over at Marigold Jam
I can show you this now as she has received it.
I used some of the fabric I printed with the Star Anise
and also the little stitched appliqué embroidery
along with some other bits and pieces from my stash.
Yesterday I received Jane's beautiful prayer flag
 I'm so delighted with it, I love all the fabrics, little details, hand embroidery
the beads on the leaf, isn't it beautiful!
I was so delighted with her colour choice
 I'm loving orange and purple at the moment.
 Thank You so much Jane x

1 comment:

Marigold Jam said...

Thanks Yvonne - I am only happy that you liked my effort. I must get round to posting about our swap but time is getting away from me just at the moment. I will do a post - honest!


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