Thursday, 22 November 2012

It's all red

At the monthly Embroiders Guild meeting in Dunfermline there is a colour raffle, everyone brings something in the theme colour, fabric buttons thread beads etc. and raffle tickets are sold to raise funds for the group.
If you win the raffle you get the colour bundle, the catch is you have to make something from the colour bundle for the next months meeting.
 November's colour was 'Red
My sister Theresa and I both bought tickets and agreed to half the bundle should either of us win.
Theresa won and was delighted as she was making items for a Christmas craft fair.
However we both agreed to make something for the December meet.
I had lots of fun with the selection of fabrics, ribbons, thread and other bits and bobs in my half of the bundle.

Red is not a colour I usually choose to work in 
 it turned out to be an inspiring, productive and fun process.
these aren't finished yet I will probably stitch them onto some cord to hang together, or perhaps a wreath, not sure, any ideas? 
I could have gone on with the red things....and will probably make more.

It also reminded me of a little story about when I was at high school, and studying for my Higher art. I had been drawing, sketching and painting peppers (capsicums) in shades of green for a few weeks in preparation for the big exam. On the day of the exam I left a little early to drop off at the fruit and veg shop to buy a green pepper for my exam. I would cut it fresh that day for the exam, ready to explore the greens with my watercolours and pens.
 It so happens that they didn't have any green ones, only red, I had no time to shop elsewhere, so I bought a red one. It was the best thing that could have happened, the  fresh new colour & fragrance were so inspiring and took my experimental mojo to new heights :) and thoroughly enjoyed the day !
My teacher was so impressed with my work he requested special permission for me to take 10 mins from the exam room to show it to my other art teacher who was less confident of my abilities to do well in the exam. He too was impressed and had to eat humble pie and apologise to me personally for marking me as a probable fail. (they had obviously disagreed on this) I was not immediately aware of the consequence of this pre-marking system, it meant that no matter how good my submission was on the day of the exam,I could not attain a grade A, hence the apology.  
I learned a lot that day but what I chose to take with me was positive.  

Try a different colour now and again it opens up new dimensions and offers a fresh approach, 
Not everyone will 'get it' but that doesn't mean it wasn't worth it for me :)
Art is a way of life, a therapeutic journey.


Marigold Jam said...

Love all the things you have made - red certainly seems to be your colour here!

Twiglet said...

Thats a fab post - the words -AND the pictures! x Jo

Christine L said...

Love all your red creations Yvonne... but the inchies are GORGEOUS!

Christine x


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