Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Little Rag Rug Update

After my ramblings on my previous post here the rag rug taking a turn for the worst,
I decided to unpick the stitching and start again.
 Referring back to my Ann Davis book, she advises to keep the rug flat on a table while stitching it into a coil, easing on the curves so that it will lie flat.

As it is still quite a manageable size I was able to sit it on a large book on  my lap last night and stitched the coil together again with good results.
This is how it looks on the front now

I'm glad I did, it's looking much flatter now.
I expect this will be a sit at the table job from now on.


Christine L said...

Oooooh it looks gorgeous!! And just my colours.... lol!
Christine x

Paint Pots and Petals said...

Wow the rag rug looks gorgeous, puts mine to shame, but then I am impatient and just dont sew. Lovely blog will popping by to read again. Nik x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Christine, it's nice to be back on track with it :)

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Nik and thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment x

My Creative House said...

Hi thanks for visit and for your sweet comment on my blog, love your rag rug it's so beautifully made and the colors are so lovely, also love your tags for Tag Tuesday, tags are so fun to make, have a nice weekend.


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