Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tag Tuesday ~ Books

This weeks Tag Tuesday theme is Books

So I made a bookmark Tag.
This tag was cut from a lovely birthday card I was given last year.
It's so pretty as is,  double sided,
the front has gold highlights

This is the back

I didn't need to do anything else to it, so I concentrated on the tie .....

 with yarns, threads and ribbons in complimenting colours.

I threaded on some handmade focal beads to give added weight for use as a bookmark,

its now being put to good use :)

On the subject of books
For Christmas my Son David bought me 2 books from my wish list ...

The Wonderful Weekend Book

I'm already halfway through this lovely book by the late Elspeth Thompson and I can tell it will be a favourite here and I'm not the only one picking it up and browsing through the chapters :)
It's about enjoying time, appreciating the simple things and taking time to smell the roses...... it is sad that Elspeth is no longer with us, her blog is a lovely source of inspiration and I still visit and read it.
I do intend to try every one of the recipes which she has put in the book. they all sound so delicious.
He also bought me
 Tommy's War
I haven't started it yet, but looking forward to it.
Went to the boot sale on Sunday.
I  lucked in with a big bag of Music manuscripts & books.

 I have been looking out for some sheet music for a while to use for a couple of projects. However, after closer inspection, some of them seemed to be quite old so I have been researching each one thoroughly before using in my art. I wouldn't want to cut up anything of great value.

There is even a hand written one!

Thanks for stopping by
Yvonne x


MarmaladeRose said...

Gosh I was popping over to give you 'prod' and get you finishing your cushion covers that are hidden in your project draw but it looks like you've got enought on your plate at the moment, lol. If your anything like me you'll need to live to be 400 to fit it all in, teehee.

Yvonne Moxon said...

lol you are so right :) I just want to do too many things! but I will get those cushions out! thanks for stopping by
Yvonne x


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