Wednesday 29 February 2012

Jumper to slinky Scarf

~ Jumper to Scarf  ~

I have had this black jumper for a few years now,
it's been a favourite, not an expensive buy,
 but I love the slinky feel of the fabric

Sadly it gave up on me and developed a hole on the back.
I haven't worn it now for about a year but couldn't just throw it out,

So I re-fashioned it into something I could use

First I cut off the sleeves

then I cut up one of the side seams

 opened it out flat 

and trimmed of the ribbed waistband.

next I folded up the bottom longways over to reach the arm hole

luckily the hole was right on this line so I didn't lose any fabric width!

Then I divided the long strip into two skinny strips

and folded these over right sides together.....

and on to the sewing machine
 I sewed the two short cut flat ends together to make one very long skinny strip
  (sorry forgot to take a picture of that little step ...oops!) 

I then fitted the foot for over locking stitch  ( 'C' foot for a Janome ) 
and stitched all the way along the edge 

I then used a large safety pin pinned to the inside to help me turn the very long tube right side out

then hand stitched the two ends together to make a closed tube

and I now have a very re-usable slinky scarf!

glad I didn't throw that jumper out now!

Hope you found this little tutorial useful,
 perhaps you have a favourite jumper or top that could do with a re-fashion.

Yvonne x


Twiglet said...

Great tutorial - I never throw anything out - its good to find a second use for something.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thanks for visiting, Im always delighted when I can save something and recycle it :)
Yvonne x

Lynn Holland said...

What a brilliant way to recycle jumpers and a fabulous tutorial Yvonne. I am keeping this in my Bookmarks to refer back to.
Lynn x

Su said...

What a clever way to recycle a jumper - I'm sure I've got some I could do this to as I too rarely throw anything away!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Lynn and Sue, it was really quick and easy to do and well worth it.


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