Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Rag rug ramblings & Quilt

It seems the more stitch this rug together the more its not going to plan.
This is a view of it sitting face down on the table but it's really not very flat!

It's buckling no matter how I sew it, the middle gets more distorted the more I coil round it.
I even tried going a bit looser with the fabric pieces and the stitching.... its turning into a bowl!
Kevin says maybe its meant to be a hat !
So I have unravelled it and wondering if perhaps I should try going for an oval rather than round rug.

Wanted to show you this.....the next little item of clothing to be made into another patch

sweet isn't it

On her 1st Birthday


Christine L said...

Oooh the rag rug looks interesting... I'm sure you'll get it lying flat...

And awwwww to the next patch pic!!
Christine x

Su said...

That next patch is going to be so cute! Hope you sort the rug out, these things can be so frustrating can't they!


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