Monday, 7 November 2011

Machine Embroidery ....a little bit of progress

Remember this?

Blogged about here Machine Embroidery

Then again here Stitching with Tissue Silks

another abandoned project, well, more an experimental piece,
 I didn't have a finished project in mind for it

I retrieved it from the the UFO basket on my worktable ....thinking .... I'm on a roll with this clearing out and finishing things...its quite good :)

Every time I think about doing something more to it, I hit a brick wall and a little voice from my past (A lovely Lady called Pauline, my City & Guilds Tutor) comes in and says  "If you don't know where to go next....cut it up and weave it!" (it became the class quote :)
Now I once suggested this in a conversation with some ladies (family who were visiting and requested a little look in my studio) regarding this little piece, the thought horrified them, they said it was lovely as is and that I should just frame it.
That was never going to happen!

So out came the scissors!
Im sorry to say I dont have pictures as I set about it one evening while pondering in my little studio and the evening is never a good time for pictures.

This is what it looks like now.

I did weave it, well I have never did this with a piece before..... I then machine stitched it to some lovely teal coloured velvet fabric.
Im thinking it's going to cover a mirror frame ..... well I have a pile of those that need used up! .......I really am on a mission to use up stash and finish projects :)
I dont think I'm going to machine stitch on it any more ....Im thinking the next step is to get it on a frame and hand stitch some more detail into it and perhaps some beads.
Any thoughts on this? I would love to hear them.

Thanks for stopping by!
Yvonne x


Christine L said...

I haven't any thoughts, cos I don't have the imagination I'm afraid... but I thought it looked fab before you cut it, and also looks good on that teal velvet! I'm sure you'll come up with 'the right' thing to do..
Did you watch Kirsty Alsopp last week? She was at the Yorkshire Show entering machine embroidery... she came first in her class and then best in show!!
Christine x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Christine, thanks for visiting, I didnt watch the show, I watch very little TV but I would have done had I known it was on, I like her on the house hunting show, thanks for mentioning it though, Im now following her blog :)

I will look out for the next program.

Yvonne x

Su said...

I love the idea of cutting things up and weaving them - it's added such an extra dimension to it, (and a touch of randomness!) which I really like. Fab :-)


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