Wednesday 30 November 2011

Anyway!.....about the roses

I'm sure that many of you who are creative will understand how its easy to get a little unfocused where there are so many things you want to do and so many projects on the go.
I did start out some months ago with the intention to work for some time exploring and experimenting through a theme, 'Roses', I did some experimenting, and shared some of what I did, 

and some I didn't manage to show....

playing around with tyvek

and metal

using the image from stitched paper rose I drew an outline on a metal paste tube

here is how it looks on the other side

then I cut it out

painted and embossed

and re-assembled

I have a couple of ideas in mind but haven't did anything further with it......So
 I still keep looking at all the little experimental pieces and pondering over where to go next with my rose theme......I made some little fabric buds which I havent managed to get a picture of, its very difficult here in Scotland at the moment to get good light into a picture unless you go outside and its raining so not possible at the moment I will try and get some soon. What I have noticed is that I never really left the roses theme, I just carried it along with me, I tend to wander over onto other little side projects like the scrappy hearts, I followed that up with some more experimenting with the scrappy fabrics this time it was the pinks and purples box and decided to do this little mirror from the 'new' fabric I made from the scraps

perhaps the colours I was working in drew me back to thinking again about roses.
It gave me a chance to try out those little chiffon roses with the beaded centres


bright star said...

Really lovely work.I partularly like the chiffon roses ,you are very clever!!

Christine L said...

Love your mirror with it's little chiffon roses... and think I follow your train of thought with the other roses, they are such FABULOUS colours...
Christine x


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