Wednesday 2 November 2011

Two String Rag Rug Loom

I decided not long after Charlotte was born, I was going to make a quilt from her baby clothes, or some of them, she had so many pretty things. A couple of weeks ago I sorted through them all choosing what I thought I could use in a quilt and I gave the rest away.
I have started on the blocks but first I wanted to show you this

These are the leftover bits, I decided to have a got at making a little rag rug.
This is the beginning

Pretty isn't it!
I pulled out an old book that I bought for pennies in a library sale about 10 yrs ago.
The book covers so many methods and after a couple of evenings reading the different styles I decided on the Loom Technique, this was rediscovered by Ann in a long out of print American book and works on the principle of the oriental Ghiordes knot.
After a lot of searching on the net it became clear that I wasn't going to pick up one of the looms from a stockist any time soon. However after finding a few pictures of different versions, some made of wire some of wood I run the idea by Kevin and he offered to make me one.
 How lucky am I!
 Made of  2 pieces of wood (I knew those old kitchen shelves would come in handy one day!)

  two large screws to hold two balls of cotton string and two eyelet screws to guide the string and hold in place
 (I just loop it round once and tighten it) 

One large hook at the bottom to hold it taught
and its ready to go!
with little pieces of cotton measuring half an inch wide x 2.5 inches long
I used a little cutting gauge made from a strip of cardboard.

I got my trusty assistant to to the next bit, she is very keen to have a go!

fabric looped over the top and up through the centre of the strings

These are fairly quick to do and once you have gone all the way up the string

its time to unhook and pull this length in front of the front hook again.
The length is worked on continuously until you have a few feet, then its time to coil it round and sew it flat on the back...... this is what it looks like

then pulled down tight to the hook....and so on.
So far I have used the leftovers of 3 little tops and one pair of all in one PJ's
and I'm just about ready to stitch some more in place.
What I like about this method is its easy to carry around and you can do it while you sit in the evening.
They are all fabric, no additional backing required and can be popped in the washing machine.
If you have any memories or stories of seing rugs made in this way I would love to hear them and any pictures of any of those rugs would be lovely to see.
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Christine L said...

Oh wow!!! What a lovely idea to use baby clothes for... I've often thought of a memory quilt... I still have some baby clothes and my girls are in their mid 20's now! LOL
Christine x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Christine, I think its nice to keep some of their clothes, I still had my 18yr olds baby dresses which I wore on Charlotte :) Now I will have to do something with them for her too.

Unknown said...

I made an oval rug using this method around 12 years ago (without a loom)- the rug is still going strong and still looks good.
Rag rugs are popular now but there are very few tutorials using this method. I love how firm underfoot these rugs are.



Danielle said...

What a unique, easy and strong rug making tutorial; thank you for sharing. Great job!


Unknown said...

Great way for me to try this.
As I have problems with my joints I think this system would be quite gentle for me..

Ann said...

Finally, I could remember instructions using a door knob to hold the doubled string on and then wrap the piece of fabric onto the string. I have been looking and looking for this method online and just now came across your blog. Thank you so much! I now know I haven't lost my

Janet said...

Carol, how did you do it without a loom, I am getting excited to start making rugs for my new home. Thank you

kayaknancy said...

I have a loom like this. A friend's father made it for me almost 40 years ago. I started a rug which only got as far as 6 inches long. Now I'm a weaver and was looking for a way to use up my thrums (waste yarn). I pulled out this loom and have been working away. Am excited to finally be using the loom. I have pictures of my loom that I could post, if there is a way. I've enjoyed your story and seeing your loom.

Unknown said...

This is what I was looking for. My great uncle made a rig like this for my great aunt when I was a child. I am 77 yrs old and I wanted to make another of the rugs I made when I was 6.
I really did not think I had a chance of finding the frame on line so I am thrilled.

Yvonne Moxon said...

It is a very slow process and I have found that there is also a knack to keeping the rug flat as you go, which I haven't quite mastered!
I have taken it out and tried a few times to solve the problem, unfortunately, I have not finished the rug because I have not yet found a solution :/

kayaknancy said...

I have one of these two string rug looms, too! A friend's father made it for me almost 40 years ago. I got busy with kids and didn't use the loom until recently. I weave on rigid heddle looms and was trying to figure out what to do with the thrums (loom waste). Then I remembered this loom! I have been working on it for several weeks and have a small rug started using yarn pieces.

Is there a way I can add pictures of what I've made so far?

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Nancy it would be good to see your progress with the loom if you have the images online. I could add a link them on this post?

Soccer Mom said...

I just recently purchase an original handy folding rug loom. I was looking for directions to use it. There are directions on the loom, but your demonstration clarified them. Thank you

Yvonne Moxon said...

Glad they helped :D

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi thanks for your comment on my post about the rug loom. I would love to know how you achieved a flatness to your rugs which I'm struggling with.
The reason I have never finished this project.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Nancy if you could email the pictures I could add them to the blog post. I would also like to learn how to keep the rug flat. All my attempts have not worked.

Unknown said...

Bonjour, j'ai commencé un tapis mais je suis découragée car il n'est pas plat comment faire ? Merci a celles qui ont cette astuce de mnous en faire profiter je troyve ce projet magnifique.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Bonjour, malheureusement, je n'ai pas non plus résolu ce problème et j'ai arrêté de travailler sur le tapis pour cette raison, j'espère que quelqu'un pourra vous conseiller un jour


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