Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Happy Scrappy Hearts

The little boxes I keep on my cutting table for all the little leftover scraps from projects are filling up

 and are inspiring in themselves,

I opened the one with all the blues and greens and enjoyed an afternoon last week

making these little Scrappy happy hearts.

I was going to make them hanging hearts,

 then I thought they might look nice adorning a wreath,

 but they are so tactile I feel more inclined to display them loose,

where they can be picked up

 touched and held

 in your hand

 they are lovely to hold and

 so full of happy!

So they are

 available as is

 to do with what you wish and

1 comment:

Christine L said...

Ohhhh I soooo wish I lived closer to you or you lived closer to me.... so I could come over and play! My lovely stash of fab material and little embellies keeps looking at me from the corner of my craft room..... and I am SO scared to start in case I fail miserably!!
These hearts are really beautiful... like all your creations!
Christine x


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