Friday, 2 December 2011

Memory Quilt & Rag Rug

Have made a little progress with Charlotte's Quilt

I changed my mind slightly on the 3rd block, I machine stitched the heart shape that I cut from the little bib on with brown to match the stitching on the flowers and cat, but I decided to hold off on adding the deeper pink flower patch. Instead added this to the 4th block which I made using the another top.

I decided the colours are a better match. I used the sleeves which had a pretty embroidered pattern around the cuff, still have enough fabric from this top to make another block as well as using it to trim the edge of block number two

I loved this little bib which I cut and slightly re-shaped into a sort of fish shape ready to be added to another block......Charlotte insisted that the 'Tombliboos' oversee this recent work

Have made a little progress with the rag rug too!
two more all in one sleep suits added :)

It measures ten inches across now.
Still to add the latest little pile of leftover pieces from the tops used for the latest block.


Rhiannon said...

Love the idea of using grown out of clothes for a blanket! I put a square of Izzy's old dress into a cushion for her room, but I need to attempt a blanket, and get over my fear! Beautiful work.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thanks Rhiannon, its not easy I have to admit, taking the scissors to each pice of clothing, but I get through it by telling myself that this is a good way to still be able to keep them and see them and feel them and remember her wearing them and she will also be able to see them and best of all use them :)go for it!


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