Monday, 27 September 2010

Stitching with tissue silks

Working some more on the machine embroidery sample at the weekend, I stitched around the flower on the pale blue background with a filler stitch in a pale green cotton space dyed thread.
I came across a little charm pack of tissue silks which I had purchased some time ago in the drawer and decided I would have a go with them.

There was quite a selection of colours so I opted to use a few different ones.

I free stitched over these petal shapes but I think I over did it a bit and sat looking at the piece for quite a while before deciding that I didn't like it. I think it looks too busy!

So I cut into it and removed some sections with my little embroidery scissors.
I also outlined the leaves with a space dyed rayon cord.
I'm not sure how to progress with this, perhaps I should work on the background a bit now.


Marigold Jam said...

Lovely - wish I could do that. As you will see from my latest post I am an absolute novice and freehand machine embroidery so this would be out of my league.


Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Jane thanks for reading. There really is nothing complicated about this little sample I'm playing around with. I think you will enjoy trying this.

Sara lechner said...

I answered your comment in my blog but perhaps you don't read it there and I couldn't find an email address in your blog, so I write it here:
"Yvonne (that's a strange Scottish name...)
I love your studio nevertheless and specially because it's in Scotland. Can you use it all year round?"
and one more thing. I have 7 children (between 34 and 19)and got the last one being 43.


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