Saturday, 8 May 2010

Daisy & Bee

My aim is to stitch a 28 square grid sampler.
Each square will represent a year of my niece Bianca's life, she died on the 1st April 2010
My aim is to fill each square with something that connects with her in some way
'Mother & Child' which features daisies.
I chose a daisy as her flower, although she never expressed a favourite flower she loved and had a huge canvas of the Gustav Klimt painting
The child also resembles Bianca as a child :)
The first square which I posted a picture of before is of a Bee for 'B' which is what we always called Bianca. Also a few family members have had strange encounters with bees in their homes since she died.

1 comment:

Judy Scott said...

What a beautiful thing to do - lots of love to you xxx


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