Sunday, 30 May 2010

Inchies ~ Natural colours

This is another set of inchies I have been working on in natural colours of cream, greens & sand. I thought I would show you the whole piece before I cut it up. I stitched over the piece with some free machine embroidery in gold thread.

All cut up! and ready for the next stage .........

This time I only used 12 of the 16 inchies in the arrangement.
This was due to the size of frame which I had decided to use.

I will post a picture of the other 4 pieces and the finished framed piece when I get a chance to photograph them, my camera battery died on me before I got any more shots.
The finished piece was a gift for my Mum who celebrated her 81st birthday today we had a family lunch gathering at a nice Italian place near her home then back to hers for an assortment of desserts, coffee, wine and some 'Singstar' fun.
Happy Birthday Mum x

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