Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas stocking

Busy busy with lots of preparations for Christmas!
My friend Vicky asked me to make a stocking for her little Joshua, at very short notice.

She had one made last year for Adam, but the lady who made it for her was not making them this year so she came to me.

She didn't mind if it wasn't the same
(thank goodness as my machine is not a commercial embroidery machine)

and...... I prefer free machine embroidery......with a little bit of needle felting in for good fun!

The only request was that it had to be the same size.

She was delighted with it!
Next year I might take orders for these as it was fun to do.


Louise said...

I love the stocking! You should definitely consider taking orders next year as I think it looks amazing.

Liberty said...

Happy New year 2012 from France.


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