Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas past

Not a lot of posting got done in the run up to Christmas
and also not as many Christmas makes as last year.
I did revamp an ivy wreath I put together from a garland that was looking a bit worse for wear and I added some little salt dough cherubs which I made about 15 years ago!... I can believe I made them so long ago now and that they have lasted so well.

They look happy here even though it was a quick re-do, I'm sure next year I will spend a bit more time on it and perhaps add bigger bow.

Charlotte and I made some gingerbread men, hearts

and tiny stars
I think it's quite sweet that she calls them ginger bear hearts,
we tied them to the garland that hangs over our dining room archway.

My two older children David and April came home to stay for Christmas.
The template I used to make the stocking last week came in very handy when I couldn't find Davids.
(I vaguely remember it in workshop to do a repair on it last Christmas, now cant seem to find it)
I got some of the shirt scraps left over from the quilt I made him last year and stitched them together to make a new stocking :)

A little bit of felt holly & free machine letters add a festive touch!
I was quite pleased with the result.
Last year April decided to take her stocking away with her and forgot to bring it so her order is in for next year ;)

Santa did eventually come, not a great shot as it was taken at quite a late hour not as late as the time stamp though I think its about a couple of hrs out. I don't usually use the time stamp it got switched on by accident.

and a few hours later...............

a carpet of paper!......
I feel very proud that every toy item that we got for Charlotte was not a 'new buy' but thrift finds on Gum tree, charity shops and our local car boot sale, My older kids too got some items from the same and the 'new buys' that we did get were purchases made possible from selling things we already had and for one reason or another no longer required, clothes, toys, household and electrical items. Both Kevin and I agreed that it was a much more satisfying approach to Christmas spending.

Harry :)
I like to plough through the paper for a couple of hours before we clear up :)

Charlotte with big brother David enjoying her chocolate Santa.
This time stamp doesn't seem right as she was in bed about 8.30pm


Boxing Day, a lovely shot of my girls,

 April and Charlotte in her beautiful fairy dress April bought her for Christmas

We had a family get together at ours on Boxing day and I was delighted that some of them took me upon the idea I had last year for the charity shop secret Santa. A lovely time was had by all with some great pressies  exchanged each costing no more than £5 from the boot sale or charity shop.

This was my gift

A lovely butterfly candle holder and heart bottle stopper from my nephew Dylan.

I hope you all had a lovely peaceful Christmas
Thanks for stopping by
Yvonne x

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Christine L said...

Lovely photos Yvonne of what looks like a wonderful family time! Thanks for sharing..
Christine x


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