Thursday 5 May 2011

Prisma Petals

Prisma Petals

I have been playing around so much with my 'Rose' theme and have so many things to share it's difficult to know where to begin ... It started with the simple petal.
From a beautiful bunch of flowers I was given at Easter time I took a single yellow rose that was starting to wilt. I wanted petals in shades of pink and had an idea.
 I removed the petals and laid them out on a sheet of white paper.

and took a picture

Then I changed it to black and white and lightened it up

I popped a couple of printed copies of this into my sketchbook  before we set off for a weekend break away.
I also took my Prismacolour Pencils.
See what happened

The dark areas add depth to the hand coloured image

Pink Petals!

When cut out they look quite good !

A page in my book.......

Other possibilities that came to mind....... colour in paint shop pro (or similar editing software)
 save image and print on to image transfere sheet then transfere to fabric.

or just photograph your handcoloured petals and print onto transfere sheets.
Playing around with image size could be interesting too.......

I will add this at the side of my blog as a tutorial link for easy reference.


Su said...

Lovely colours you've achieved. They look super with the scrim as well in your book. I think I'll have to ahve a play with something similar.

Jan said...

Good idea, thanks for sharing it. I shall file it away in my little brain.

Karen said...

wonderful colour!! I love the image where they are laid on the openweave cloth, gorgeous. (at the bottom)


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