Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thrifty finds and blogger

With blogger being down last week, it was difficult, I was itching to post, been busy with so many different things and thrifty finds to show
like these lovely little things!

Soap dish £1
Pink Lidded  dish £2.50
1 of 2 cotton embroidered pillowcase 50p for both!

I have some more things to show but no pictures as yet.

 The little tutorial I posted earlier was sitting waiting to go when all the trouble started.
Unlike some I was lucky in that only one of my posts was affected and even then only a couple of minor things. On the other hand my draft post in my dashboard were multiplied by 3 in some cases, much better than being wiped out. I guess it was all down to timing and I have a habit of saving myself as I go along, just in case, I know they are saved every so often as we are writing but I'm a just in case kinda gal.
So I hope you enjoy the little tutorial I have written while playing around in my roses theme.
Yvonne x

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