Thursday, 28 April 2011

A little corner of my studio

This little corner of my studio is so much busier these days so I took some more pictures.....
Remember my little shelves, they are filling up, not all are new purchases I might add, most have been hiding in drawers and bags and baskets now I can see them all and be inspired to use them more often in my work.

I added a little spice rack shelf, another charity shop find, painted white, it cleared the top shelf above, 

better used to store these little chunkier ones, perfect for mixed objects

I stole this idea noticed when I visited my sister Theresa in her little Bizzy Blue Bee studio she was using her mug rack to hang all her scissors on while mine was lurking under my jewellers bench looking, and probably feeling totally unloved and unwanted .... :)

its perfect and simple, they used to hang out in all sorts of places, around the sewing machine cluttering up the table, under fabric bundles in the thread caddy, or under the samples and stash in the shallow wooden tray on the table............. now I see them all....thanks Theresa x

I knew these boxes were perfect for my little scraps when I spotted them in Poundland

the lids are hinged too which makes it so much easier to access those little scraps
I'm thinking I need 2 more........ for my sheer fabric scraps and my lace pieces.

I'm using this space so much more now, I love it! .... and it keeps my sewing table free of clutter.


Theresa said...

Hi, I constantly lose my scissors too, so just love the idea myself, therefore didnt mind you borrowing it, lol, Theresa

Anonymous said...

Now I need to go and reorganise my studio!!

Deepa said...

yum..yum..lovely collection of crafty stuff...absolutely love those bottles!!

Wendie-kins said...

what a lovely way of storing your stash, and most inpsiring too :D I saw your post and then found an old wooden spice rack at a boot sale on Sunday, now I just need to collect enough spice jars to transfer my buttons over so that I can see them all too instead of having them hidden away! thankyou for the virtual tour of you workspace and for the very clever idea... I shall have to tidy mine up considerably before I let anyone peep into my space tho!!! LOL


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